Real People Living at Real Addresses

Can you afford to base your critical decisions on data that may not be fully representative? Many panels are recruited online with only heavy internet users as their foundation. Weighting by demographics does not solve this problem.

For quality research, it’s important to start with verified respondents who are representative of the broader population.

Quality data is important, but it is not the whole story. The QOR team has extensive experience and established systems for managing quality panels.

Validated and Representative

The quality underpinnings of the QOR research panel start with every panellist having a verified physical address, so researchers can be confident in its authenticity. Further to this, QOR has built its panel to be representative of the USA population, using census-based geoTribes segments.

Accurate Weighting and Stratification with geoTribes

geoTribes is a person-level geodemographic framework available in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and NZ.

Based on census data, geoTribes provides a streamlined framework for validation of panel composition against the population using more dimensions than simple demographics alone.

This makes geoTribes a unique tool for accurate stratification and weighting down to small area geographic units like MSAs.

Add another Dimension to your Survey Data

Because the geoTribes segments capture key drivers of needs arousal and solution choice, they provide deep insights into underlying need states. By tagging geoTribes to a sample, this powerful framework is available without additional attitudinal questions, reducing survey costs and respondent stress.

Extend Survey Results to Marketing Execution

geoTribes employs an identical tagging process for survey & customer databases and geographical areas making geoTribes the ideal path from research findings to execution in CRM, local area marketing and retail.

Researchers are able to extend their research findings to locate target segments on the ground through ZIP codes & trade areas or on customer databases.

And because the segments represent distinct need states, marketing messages can be highly tailored to specific groups for greater relevance and a higher ROI.

Simple, Effective and Affordable

To find out more about the quality QOR panel and geoTribes framework - and how they can increase the quality and executability of your research projects, contact us today.